Thursday, 10 April 2014

Simple changes - Coconut Oil as a facial moisuriser?

I made the switch to natural cleaners for my house a few years ago - a nasty allergy made this one an easy change to make - but I was a bit suspicious of substituting beauty products with foodstuffs until now.

This switch was born out of being disorganised, I ran out of my usual moisturiser,  and trying to economise a bit now that I am self employed.

Ease of switch: very easy! 

I already had a jar of coconut oil but if you don't it is now available in most large supermarkets. Using a spoon that had been dipped in hot water I scooped out a chunk of cocunut oil (it is solid at room temperature) and put in in a sealable tub. To use, just scape out a small amount, soften in your hands and apply to your face like a normal moisturiser. It feels a little greasy at first but very quickly sinks in.

Success of switch: Great success.

I've been using coconut oil as a facial moisuriser for two weeks now and have found it just as effective as a normal moisuriser.  My skin is quite sensitive and I've had no adverse reaction.

Cost / Cost Saving: Saving £53.37 (on 283ml of product)

I bought Groovy Food Company Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. It is available at Tesco for £6 for 283ml (£2.13 per 100ml). I usually buy Boots Time Delay Day and Night Cream at £10.49 each for 50ml (£20.98 per 100ml!!). That saved me a massive £53.37 if  I use the whole tub as moisturiser and that's before you take into account the other things I seem to pick up when I am in somewhere like Boots just because they are in front of me! You also only need a tiny amount of oil so I suspect the saving will be increased over time becuase the product simply lasts longer.

Other benefits:

The obvious benefit is that the product is completely natural so if you are trying to cut out chemicals from your life this is a great easy switch.

Another unexpected bonus is that coconut oil has many other uses  - this makes it a brilliant product to travel with. Just fill a small container and you have facial moisturiser, hand and body moisturiser, eye make up remover, lipsalve and deodorant!

Eye make up remover: a small amount warmed to soften it then dabbed onto a cotton ball or cloth makes a really effective eye make up remover. I forgot mine and the cocunut oil removed all trace of thick eyeliner from my eyes with no stinging.

Hand and body moisturiser: Smells lovely and is very effective

Natural deodorant:  I didn't really believe this one but I did try it and was pleasantly surprised! Warm a small amount in your hands and rub it into your armpits. It left no marks on my clothes and I still felt and smelt fresh at the end of the day.  I haven't tested it out at the gym or a run yet and think I'll stick with a normal anti perspirant for that for the moment.

Is it worth trying? I'd say definitely. 


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